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Our team of hybrid wholesalers have extensive experience in the distribution of annuities, life insurance and long-term care.  We give you the tools and resources necessary, so you are empowered.  When you have the tools to conduct business, we are able to run lean which in turn allows us to offer you the highest commission payouts, industry-wide.  Yes, it's true... the IMO sets your commission level without transparency.  WE ARE DIFFERENT! 


Our team consists of 'hybrid' wholesalers, which we define as having the ability to provide both wholesaling support and also thrive in speaking directly to clients.  It's simple, when you have a client that may be in need of an annuity, life insurance and or long-term care... invite us in!  We handle the appointment from start to finish and if you are Life & Health licensed, we will make sure your compliant with the state and carriers.... and you and us both become the 'agents' on the policy.  WE ARE DIFFERENT! 


Our team consists for GURU's, because to be an expert in these sectors of the industry, you MUST be dedicated to that product line, period.  We execute a NDA, so you have trust in us to protect you and your client.  We identify if one of our products is suitable, then we make a recommendation.  If you are a member of an affiliate association, we gladly offer shares of our commission, as long as you are Life & Health licensed, and appeases state law.  WE ARE DIFFERENT! 


Over the years, we've secured service marks on several brands that can be used by our partners for marketing purposes.  Many of us are really great agents and advisors, yet struggle with drawing the attention of qualified prospects.  Our systems and branding help identified those prospects, and give you a fighting chance to prove your worth.  WE ARE DIFFERENT!

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