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Don't Let Your Client Be Sold, Let Them Be Informed!



Don't be sold, be informed!



There's no need to take on the complexities of soliciting a new product, simply refer your clients to us for all their Annuity, Life Insurance, LTC and Medicare needs.  Our unbiased, knowledgeable staff will answer all of their questions and will assist in understanding if our products fit their specific financial objectives. 


Being an expert in your specific field is challenging enough, which is where we come in.  Fill in the form with your info and the client's info and we'll do what we do best!

Partner With Us:

1. We are the Agent

  • Refer a Client

  • Exclusive Commission Share -or-

  • Exclusive Referral Fee

  • Much More.....

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Our agreement with partners protects your clients through a blanket non-disclosure agreement.  We will under no circumstances refer, recommend, or solicit products that you actively or passively sell without your written consent.


By submitting this form, you agree that a licensed sales representative may contact you about Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug, and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans.

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