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Annuities Offer the Peace of Mind, That Most Investments Don't

Whether you're looking for a guaranteed rate of return, market linked growth without the market risk, or a lifetime income stream... annuities can be a great fit within your retirement portfolio.

With thousands of products available, it can be an overwhelming task to find the most appropriate product and plan.  Don't be sold, be informed by contacting the Michigan Retirement Agency.

Types of Annuities

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Immediate Annuities

An annuity that guarantees an income stream at a specified date, typically within one-year.  Many lifetime income options are available that will guarantee the highest possible income but will most likely eliminate or reduce your liquidity.  Best income with best carrier, wins!

Fixed Deferred Annuities

An annuity that guarantees a fixed rate of return for a specified duration.  e.g. a product that guarantees 3.5% annually for 5-years.  Many firms use "teaser" rates, which advertise a higher 1st year rate, to then decrease that rate in subsequent years.

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Fixed Deferred Indexed Annuities

An annuity that is designed to generate more growth than a traditional fixed annuity.  The interest is credited on a specific index performance, with the principle guaranteed at maturity.  These are more complex products in design so clients must be wary of deceptive sales tactics.

Variable Structured Deferred Annuities

An annuity that requires a securities license because they are market driven but can have insurance protections that may provide an enhanced death benefit or lifetime withdrawal rider.  Market risk is a concern, but can give better growth opportunity.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Annuities

Like all investments and insurance products, their are pro's and con's, which is why speaking with a guru is imperative in making a sound decision.



Lifetime Income

Potentially high fees

Guaranteed rate of return

Bad sales practices

Tax deferral

Surrender Charges

Downside protection

Limited access to value

Return of Premium option

Taxed at ordinary income

No annual contribution limits


Analyzing Data

We Employ Guru's, Literally, in the Following Products...


Too many options exist which is both good and bad, and the stakes for you and your loved ones are too high to feel uncertain about your decisions.


Since 2005, we've advised thousands of clients and advisors alike on their options.  

Contact Us to schedule an appointment to discuss  your options.

You and your loved ones deserve to feel confident about the future, and you can have the security of knowing you have the right financial protection in place.

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